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The Brothers' War (Magic: The Gathering:

The Brothers' War (Magic: The Gathering: Artifacts Cycle) by Jeff Grubb

The Brothers' War (Magic: The Gathering: Artifacts Cycle)

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The Brothers' War (Magic: The Gathering: Artifacts Cycle) Jeff Grubb ebook
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The Artifacts Cycle Omnibus I mentioned collects the first part of the Artifacts Cycle (The Thran, The Brothers War). The ones that feature Kamahl are also well done, but I can't remember which ones they are off the top of my head. With the fastest delivery time! Robert King The Thran (Magic: The Gathering), The Brothers' War (Magic: The Gathering: Artifacts Cycle, #1), Planeswalker. Amazon shows that Artifacts Cycle I includes The Thran and Brothers War, while Cycle II includes Planeswalker, Times Streams and Bloodlines. The earliest MTG novel I read was The Rath Cycle Anthology; I never read the earlier ones. Whenever I see The Onslaught novels were awful and are partially non-canon; those were the last books for MtG that author wrote. The Thran Cycle (introduces Yawgmoth, one of the prime villains of MTG Lore). BARNES & NOBLE | Magic the Gathering: Planeswalker (Artifacts. I have the majority of the novels. I highly recommend everyone read The Brothers War. It told the story of Urza and Mishra, two brothers who grow up in an camp dedicated to searching for ancient Thran artifacts in the desert. Magic the Gathering Online Store .. Yes, in case you had not put it together until now, I am a big nerd and I play Magic regularly, The series was the Artifacts cycle. All set in the Magic the Gathering Multiverse. I promised a lot of books last time and I have them finished now. Contact me if you have questions. The first, The Brother's War was written by Jeff Grubb.

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